Electronic Press Kit

  1. Lower Principles Sir Collapse 1:36
  2. Suitcase Sir Collapse 3:40
  3. Mono Mantra Sir Collapse 4:10
  4. One Man Show Sir Collapse 2:45
  5. Happy Planet Celebration Sir Collapse 2:09
  6. The Great Escape Sir Collapse 2:45
  7. Like Me Sir Collapse 4:07
  8. Too Late Sir Collapse 4:06
  9. Hey Ben Sir Collapse 4:17
  10. The Family Sir Collapse 3:37
  11. Nine to Five Sir Collapse 2:41


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Sir Collapse evolved from a casual jam project into a hard ass-kicking live band who will put their first album on turntables in the spring of 2018. They already published a demo and an EP since their formation in 2013 and play a spicy mixture of stoner rock, noise rock, punk and alternative. Due to the different musical backgrounds of the musicians a sound diversity appears which cannot be pigeonholed. There is a band at work who is understanding their handcraft and expanding into deeper spheres with their elaborated songwriting. If someone likes diversified, pushing riffs and melodies, this band is the right choice.


Me and My Bike

One Man Show (prettylivessions.)

Lower Principles


“The eleven tracks on ‘Walk to the Moon’ are varied and offers the complete range of the  already mentioned influences without disregarding the own sound. Sir Collapse sometimes sounds more like grunge or garage rock, sometimes more more like punk, but always like Sir Collapse.”


“Little flaws were ignored, you hear every detail and that makes the whole sounding authentic and real, dirty but still homogenous. The rough live feeling pierces marrow and bone. Shortly: ‘Walk to the Moon’ has a soul and I am eternally grateful to the band for it. (…) ‘Walk to the Moon’ is an entertaining album and one of the best that I have not heard for a long time.”

– rawk.ch

“On eleven strong song without fillers and gaps the band makes a great start and leave their own touch in music business. The songs never get boring and every track offers the listeners something different. (…) This release is the underground advice for spring 2018!”

– Moshpit Passion

“‘Walk to the Moon’ celebrates hard alternative rock as it was originally conceived – rough, inconvenient, but compositional so heavy that it could be 25 years old and even still be worth something 25 years later. That makes Sir Collapse to an strong recommendation for every scene label which think much of themselves.“

– Musikreviews.de

“Sir Collapse as well never gives the impression that they throw together all styles arbitrarily. Moreover I wonder at how good some elements merge, particularly on album length. Sir Collapse especially succeed on maintaining the arc of suspense. (…) Shortly: All the mentioned aspects make ‘Walk to the Moon’ to an exciting record which in broadest sense takes on a role of inclusion for rock music.”

– Trve Love

“The four-piece presents a debut which satisfies all international expectations. Even if the golden age of grunge and alternative rock is many years ago, a qualitative and such valuable work like this should cause a quake in the scene. I am sure: Would Sir Collapse come from Seattle or Great Britain, the local press would already speak from the „next great rock band“ – and this would not even be undeserved. I raise my hat off to Sir Collapse.“

– Hooked on Music

“Result: Convincingly authentic, powerful, diverse, creative and not a little bit sterile. Well done!”




08.12.2018 Ballonfabrik, Augsburg
27.10.2018 Marbach, Planet-x
19.10.2018 Mönchengladbach, Stöhrsound
01.09.2018 Attendorn, Uelhof Rockt! Festival
11.08.2018 Mülheim, Freilichtbühne
10.08.2018 Havelberg, Querfeldein Festival
03.08.2018 Dortmund, BigTipi Beats
01.06.2018 Mülheim, AZ Mülheim
19.05.2018 Berlin, Potse
18.05.2018 Hamburg, Lehmitz
12.05.2018 Düsseldorf, The Tube
11.05.2018 Neuss, Hamtorkrug


18.12.2017 Köln, Blue Shell 
03.11.2017 Neuss, Neuss Now 
14.10.2017 Duderstadt, Duderstadt Bleibt Bunt 
12.08.2017 Oldenburg, Chrystal Yard 
05.08.2017 Emmen (NL), Huize Spoorloos 
29.04.2017 Bayreuth, Rock Against Racism 
17.03.2017 Berlin, Arcanoa 
11.03.2017 Recklinghausen, Südpol 
10.03.2017 Hamburg, Lehmitz


11.11.2016 Mülheim, AZ Mülheim 
05.11.2016 Lier (BE), Roadhouse 69 Lier 
04.11.2016 Eygelshoven (NL), Rockheaven 
30.09.2016 Korchenbroich, JKM 
17.09.2016 Düsseldorf, Sonnendeck 
09.09.2016 Kamen, JKC Kamen 
05.08.2016 Krefeld, Astakeller 
30.07.2016 Fürstenberg, Solling Jump 
04.06.2016 Mönchengladbach, Blaues Haus 
03.06.2016 Düsseldorf, The Tube 
24.04.2016 Duisburg, Bauwagen Open Air 
23.04.2016 Schwabmünchen, U-Turn 
22.04.2016 Geislingen, Seemühle 
11.03.2016 Ulm, Hexenhaus 
05.02.2016 Düsseldorf, Exit 
16.01.2016 Essen, Ground Zero 
10.01.2016 Düsseldorf, Exit 
09.01.2016 Mülheim a. d. Ruhr, AZ 
08.01.2016 Neuss, Haus 
02.01.2016 Mönchengladbach, Stöhr Sound


18.12.2015 Essen, Walkabout 
03.12.2015 Düsseldorf, Route 66 
17.10.2015 Kamp-Lintfort, Karthago 
16.10.2015 Neuss, Neuss Now 
26.09.2015 Düsseldorf, The Tube 
12.09.2015 Mönchengladbach, Step Open Air 
11.07.2015 Kruchten, La Tête du Coq 
25.04.2015 Neuss, Kontakt 
14.03.2015 Neuss, Das Haus 
14.01.2015 Köln, MTC 

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