1. Lower Principles Sir Collapse 1:36
  2. Suitcase Sir Collapse 3:40
  3. Mono Mantra Sir Collapse 4:10
  4. One Man Show Sir Collapse 2:45
  5. Happy Planet Celebration Sir Collapse 2:09
  6. The Great Escape Sir Collapse 2:45
  7. Like Me Sir Collapse 4:07
  8. Too Late Sir Collapse 4:06
  9. Hey Ben Sir Collapse 4:17
  10. The Family Sir Collapse 3:37
  11. Nine to Five Sir Collapse 2:41


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“Result: Convincingly authentic, powerful, diverse, creative and not a little bit sterile. Well done!”
(Fraktur – das Magazin)

“All in all the four mid-twenties act dangerous. Dangerous for risk-averse Rock, crease-free Grunge” (Westzeit)

“What sounds like a woody version of classics of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, is in truth the brief but aptly description for that, what expects us, when they enter the stage. You should better tauten the guy lines of your tents.”
(Querfeldein Festival)